Utilities & Environmental Engineering


CWM Group Sdn Bhd (154165-K)
A leading utilities and environmental engineering company providing innovative solutions, advanced technologies and professional management to the water and waste industries. With more than 30 water projects and 50 waste water treatment plants commissioned, as well as establishing, operating, maintaining and managing sanitary landfills in Selangor, we look forward to expanding regionally.

More details, visit us at http://www.cwm.com.my, Click Logo for our contact details.


SITAMAS Environmental Systems Sdn Bhd (25818-P)
A leading waste management group providing a comprehensive range of solid and liquid waste disposal systems. We are Malaysia's first and only waste management company to receive the Quality Maintained Vehicle Award from PUSPAKOM as well the first waste disposal company to be awarded the ISO 9001 certification from SIRIM-QAS Sdn Bhd. We service the industrial, commercial as well as the domestic sectors.

More details, visit us at http://www.sitamas.com, Click Logo for our contact details. 

  Chemicals Manufacturing

MAC Address  

Malayan Adhesives & Chemicals Sdn Bhd (6336-X)
Incorporated in 1965, we are a pioneer in the manufacture of formalin, phenolic and amino adhesive resins for the wood-based industry. While initially serving the plywood industry, we now have a full range of resins to cater to the varying needs of the newer chipboard and MDF manufacturers. We have also expanded our product range to include paper lamination resins, insulation materials, concrete additives and paper chemicals.

More details, visit us at http://www.mac-resins.com , Click Logo for our contact details.

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Asia Pacific Microspheres (A Division Of Malayan Adhesives & Chemicals Sdn Bhd)
A manufacturer of specialty phenolic microspheres and contact adhesive resins. The inert and very light microspheres are used as functional fillers in applications where weight minimisation is a requirement. This property is commonly required in the aerospace, automobile, marine, defence, electronics, coating and adhesive industries. Our products are distributed via a global network and sold directly to markets in North America, South America, Europe and the Asia Pacific region.

More details, visit us at http://www.phenoset.com , Click Logo for our contact details. 

  Contract Manufacturing


Products Manufacturing Sdn Bhd (24074-T)
A contract manufacturer producing cosmetics, toiletri
es and household products. Accredited with the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) status by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia, our plant is fully equipped to produce cream, cold mix liquids, hot mix liquids, lotions, gels, powder and paste to the most stringent quality levels. With over 25 years of experience in this field, our company is a pioneer in this industry.

CMore Details, visit us at http://www.pmsb.com.my, Click Logo for our contact details.

  Chemicals Trading 

ChemQuest Trading (A Division Of ChemQuest Sdn Bhd)
We have been supplying specialty and commodity chemicals to various chemical industries in Malaysia such as oil and gas, ink and coatings, paper and packaging, food, adhesives, electronics, air-conditioning and refrigeration since 1994. We have several renowned agency lines to service the chemical industry, among whom are ExxonMobil Chemical, Kemira, Radiolite and Purolite.

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